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Part of LVMH Group, Ruinart Champagne house was founded in France in 1729 by Nicholas Ruinart. His uncle, a learned Benedictine monk called Dom Thierry Ruinart had incredible insight. He foretold that this new “wine with bubbles” was destined for a bright future.

Meaning and history

Ruinart logo history


The Ruinart logo consists of a wordmark and elegant coat of arms and conveys the sense of the heritage of France’s oldest champagne house while at the same time has a modern look.

The designers made a great job bringing lightness, flexibility and brilliance to a whole alphabet of Gothic capitals. They “latinized” each letter to make the wordmark more luxurious and gave the logotype a modern and bright rhythm.

The coat of arms is light and radiant, symbolizing the opulence and refinement of champagne. Its design is legible, with the founding date placed underneath it.Ruinart Logo

The Ruinart logo color palette is clear and bright and consists of white, gold and dark gray, closer to black.

As a result, the logo is bright and sophisticated with its clean lines, and symbolizes light and freshness.

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