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Radical is the name of a British racing-cars manufacturer, which was established in 1997. Today the company is one of the most well-known and respected players on the international market, having built its reputation after the release of the Radical SR3 model.

Meaning and history

Delightful and bold, the Radical visual identity is a great example of energy and progress, drawn in a pretty minimalist way, basing on the latest trends and bright colors. The badge of the brand looks like a piece of modern art, which can be seen in contemporary galleries and collections of art connoisseurs.

The Radical logo is composed of two parts — a colorful rectangular badge and a wordmark, which can be seen in two different styles. The badge is vertically oriented and has its upper thin part separated from the main part with the fine gray line. The black custom inscription is placed above the line, and the Radical symbol in black, red, and gray — under it.

The symbol of the brand is a stylized letter “R”, drawn as a curved road with a red stripe on it. It perfectly reflects the purpose of the company — racing-cars production and looks sleek and cool.

As for the text-based part of the Radical visual identity, it can be seen in the same custom sans-serif font as the inscription on the emblem, just using the yellow color, or in a sharper, handwritten brush typeface with elongated straight lines of the letters.

Font and color

Radical logo

The official logotype of the British automaker’s visual identity is written in the uppercase letters of a custom smooth yet sharp sans-serif typeface with the contours of some letters opened. The sleek inscription is executed in a font that is more or less close to Une Nuit Parisienne and Sofachrome Book but with contours and lines of some letters modified.

The color palette of Radical’s logo is composed of yellow, black, and red, with some gray accents. This vivid and energetic combination looks fresh and makes the emblem of the brand stand out in the list of its competitors. Yellow is a color of progress, while red stands for passion and love, and black with gray mix add professionalism and expertise to the overall image of the brand.

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