Quad Cities River Bandits Logo

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Quad Cities River Bandits Logo
The Quad Cities River Bandits are a Minor League Baseball franchise with more than 115 years of history.

Meaning and History logo

Quad Cities River Bandits Logo history

Class-A affiliate of the Houston Astros, the River Bandits have changed more than 10 parent teams throughout their history. Now, they are part of the Midwest League.

Old symbol

Quad Cities River Bandits symbol
The 2008 Quad Cities River Bandits logo featured the franchise’s raccoon mascot, Rascal the River Bandit, in front of the legendary Centennial Bridge. The raccoon was wearing a cowboy hat and a bandana and was holding a large baseball in its paws.

The 2014 emblem

Quad Cities Rive r Bandits emblem
The focal point of the redesigned logo is once again the raccoon mascot in front of the Centennial Bridge, which is one of the most known places of the Quad Cities. However, this time, the bridge has two arches, which makes it more recognizable.