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“Proshyan” is a brand deeply rooted in the production of beverages, notably brandies and wines. Located in the heartland of Armenia, it taps into the nation’s rich winemaking heritage. Today, Proshyan’s portfolio boasts a diverse range of products that have gained popularity, not just domestically but also internationally. Their offerings are often seen on shelves in European and CIS markets. The company’s success story is steered by its commitment to traditional techniques merged with modern technology. “Proshyan” remains a family enterprise, honoring its legacy while driving forward innovation.

Meaning and history

The narrative of “Proshyan” is intertwined with Armenia’s rich winemaking legacy. Established in the late 20th century, Proshyan began as a small venture rooted in the Proshyan village, from which it borrowed its name. Initially, its production was limited, focusing on traditional Armenian wines and brandies.

As the years rolled on, the brand gained prominence in local markets. The early 2000s marked a pivotal phase for Proshyan, witnessing a surge in production capabilities. With the incorporation of state-of-the-art equipment and a keen focus on retaining traditional methodologies, Proshyan began expanding its portfolio.

Ownership of the company remained consistent, with the Proshyan family at its helm. Their vision was clear: to elevate Armenian beverages on the global stage. The 2010s saw Proshyan breaking into international markets, especially in Europe and the CIS. The brand’s ethos of merging age-old techniques with modern innovation proved fruitful.

Quality remained uncompromised, with Proshyan’s products often securing awards at international competitions. This global recognition fortified its position in foreign markets and further augmented its reputation back home.

By the late 2010s, Proshyan’s footprint expanded beyond just wines and brandies. Their product range began to include vodkas and other spirits, further diversifying their portfolio and appeal.

Today, Proshyan stands as a testament to Armenian craftsmanship in the realm of winemaking and distillery. While it has witnessed significant growth and evolution, its essence remains unchanged: a family-led venture dedicated to preserving and promoting Armenia’s rich tradition.


Proshyan Logo

The logo showcases a detailed monochrome illustration of a grand architectural edifice, exhibiting classic arches, symmetrical window patterns, and intricate detailing on its facade. The design mirrors historical structures, suggesting an aura of tradition and heritage. Beneath this illustration, bold and prominently displayed, is the word “PROSHYAN” in uppercase letters. Directly under it, the words “BRANDY FACTORY” are inscribed, emphasizing the company’s primary business. The entire design conveys a sense of legacy, craftsmanship, and expertise in the realm of brandy production.