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PreVeil is the name of an encrypted e-mail system, established in 2015 and based on the research of MIT computer scientists in cybersecurity and applied cryptography. PreVeil adds an end-to-end encrypted mailbox to Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail without changing your e-mail address. Unlike regular email, these messages are protected from phishing, spoofing, passwords, server and administrator attacks. PreVeil makes encryption easy to use and manage.

Meaning and history

PreVeil is the service, which main idea is simplifying the use of protected encrypted email so that it could be used by any person or company. The service values its reputation and the safety of the clientele, this is constantly growing and developing, and the visual identity of PreVeil Mail does reflect the corporate idea of the company and the purpose of the service perfectly.

2015 – Today

PreVeil Logo

The PreVeil logo is composed of two parts, a graphical emblem and a logotype, executed in a sleek and fancy dark-gray, orange, and white color palette, which looks confident, stylish, and professional.  The emblem uses only orange for its graphics, while the logotype can be executed in white (when set on a gray background), or gray (when written over the white background).

The PreVeil emblem is a stylized key, drawn in a classy elegant way, and placed horizontally. The left part of the key repeats the contours of the capital letter “P”, which is “laying” face-down. The image is drawn in bold orange parallel lines and looks strong yet sophisticated due to the old-style shape of the key.

As for the wordmark, the “PreVeil” is set in the uppercase of a bold and brutal sans-serif typeface, with its massive letters boasting modern and cool contours, some of the angles softened and the ends of the lines cut straight and clean.