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Animeflash is the name of a platform, which contains a large selection of anime-related content, available to watch online. On the website, you can find all kinds of anime, from movies to series, and with regular updates, you will never miss the newest episode of your favorite show.

Meaning and history

Animeflash boasts one of the largest anime selections available online, and it does not require any registration or payment from visitors. It is not just a streaming service, but also a place for people, who love anime, to chat and discuss the videos.

What is Animeflash?

Animeflash is the online streaming service for anime-related video content. The website offers a huge selection of HD cartoons and series and is being updated regularly so that you never miss the latest episodes release.

The website has a simple yet bright and colorful interface, and the convenient menu allows you to look through all the anime categories with ease. As for the visual identity, Animeflash uses a simple and professional approach to its logo.

2020 – Today

AnimeFlash Logo

The Animeflash logo is composed of bold white lettering in a modern sans-serif typeface, set on a dark gray background and underlined with the thick blue line, which is balanced by the minimalist emblem, the letter “A”, written in the same shade of blue on the left from the logotype.

The icon of the platform is the same blue capital “A”, the letter with simple bold contours and the right bar slightly shorter than the left one. It looks solid and professional, with the soft shade of blue evoking a sense of reliability and competence.