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Praga is an automotive manufacturing company based in the Czech Republic. The company is currently owned by the IPG Photonics Corporation. Praga specializes in the production of race cars, go-karts, and other automotive equipment. It has a rich history dating back to 1907, initially dealing in a wide range of products including motorcycles, trucks, and even aircraft. The company primarily operates in Europe, with a focus on racing and specialized automotive solutions. It has recently seen a resurgence in interest, particularly in karting and racing circuits.

Meaning and history

Praga Logo history

Founded in 1907, Praga is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the Czech Republic. The company initially ventured into a diverse range of products, including trucks, motorcycles, and airplanes. During its long history, Praga has had several significant milestones such as producing military vehicles during WWII and later focusing on race cars and go-karts. Now owned by IPG Photonics Corporation, Praga is known for its high-quality race cars and go-karts that compete in various international racing circuits.

In recent years, Praga has gained accolades in the motorsports world. It has not only excelled in karting but also has entries in various car racing competitions, winning several titles. The R1, one of its flagship racing models, has been well-received in the racing community.

Currently, Praga finds itself in a stable position, actively participating in international racing events and expanding its range of products. The company continues to innovate in the automotive field, focusing on both performance and engineering excellence.

What is Praga?
Praga is a Czech automotive company specializing in the manufacture of race cars and go-karts. Founded in 1907, the company has a diverse history that includes producing trucks, motorcycles, and even aircraft. Currently owned by IPG Photonics Corporation, Praga primarily operates in Europe and is actively involved in international racing circuits.

1907 – 2011

Praga Logo 1907

The logo features a very beautiful and stylish cursive inscription with magnificent curves. The font used to print “Praga” resembled a bold version of the Torio Script font or Canette font. A blend of thicker strokes and thin lines created a graceful impression and reflected the attention of the brand to the little details. The first and last letters are connected by a line going underneath.

2011 – now

Praga Logo

The updated logo looks almost identical to the original version. The company continued to use the blue color, which stands for constancy, perseverance, devotion, dedication, seriousness, and rigor. It simply changed the blue shade to a brighter one, resulting in a lighter and livelier appearance. The font has also undergone minimal changes. Mainly, the thin and elegant strokes were made notably thicker. The last letter was no longer connected to the line going under the wordmark. The line also got thicker, which made the logo appear stronger.

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