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In the realm of speed and innovation, Brabham Automotive emerges from Adelaide, a brainchild of David Brabham, whose lineage to motorsport royalty, Sir Jack Brabham, infuses the brand with unparalleled racing DNA. This enterprise crafts machines where legacy fuses with futuristic engineering, exclusively for connoisseurs of velocity and the racetrack’s elite. The inaugural marvel, the BT62, stands as a beacon of this philosophy, melding racetrack-centric prowess with a storied heritage of the checkered flag.

Meaning and history

Brabham Automotive, established in 2018 in Adelaide, Australia, is a brainchild of David Brabham, son of Sir Jack Brabham, a Formula One icon. The company’s inception marks a revival of the Brabham name, a dynasty synonymous with motorsports excellence. Leveraging its racing heritage, Brabham Automotive focuses on crafting exclusive, high-performance vehicles, epitomized by their first model, the BT62. This track-oriented supercar, limited in production, embodies cutting-edge technology and a racing ethos. The BT62’s debut not only celebrated the Brabham legacy but also signified a new chapter in bespoke automotive craftsmanship, blending racetrack prowess with a commitment to innovation and design excellence. The company’s vision extends beyond merely manufacturing cars; it’s about creating a legacy that resonates with motorsport aficionados while pushing the boundaries of performance and engineering.

What is Brabham Automotive?
Brabham Automotive, emerging in 2018 in Australia’s Adelaide, is the vision of David Brabham, son of the famed racing legend Sir Jack Brabham. This avant-garde venture specializes in crafting limited-edition, high-performance automobiles, blending the Brabham racing legacy with contemporary innovation in car design and technology.

2018 – Today

Brabham Automotive logo

The emblem depicts an angular motif, evoking the image of a serpent’s open maw, symbolizing ferocity and precision. The use of a serene teal shade contrasts with the aggressive imagery, adding a touch of elegance. “BRABHAM” is emblazoned above in bold, with “AUTOMOTIVE” anchoring the design, both in clean, sans-serif type.