Powerade Logo

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Powerade Logo
Powerade is an American brand of energetic beverage, produced by Coca-Cola since 1988. Known for sponsorship of numerous world’s sports events, Powerade is widely recognizable and loved across the globe.

Meaning and history

Powerade Logo history

The Powerade visual identity is strong, confident and eye-catching. Built on a color contrast it makes the brand look powerful and energetic.
The Powerade logo history can be divided it two periods 1988 — 1994 when the brand was trying to find its signature style and 1994 — Today when the design was only being refined and slightly modified.
The current Powerade logo is composed of a wordmark located on a black background, but there is also an older version in use, with the blue emblem.
The Powerade inscription in all capital letters is executed in a modern and bold sans-serif typeface with sharp angles, which make the wordmark look strong and masculine. It is a perfect reflection of the brand’s name, as it evokes an instant sense of power.
Powerade Logo
The monochrome palette of the Powerade logo is a great addition to the visual identity of a strong and dynamic brand. It shows the reliability and authority of the company, as well as making the logo look timeless and stylish.
The older versions of the Powerade logo featured two styles of emblems, both in a bright blue color. The arrow, placed beyond the second part of the wordmark, was a representation of moving into the future, while the stylized swirl, located above the lettering, celebrated balance and inner power.