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Jameson is a brand of the best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. The John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey company was founded in 1810 by John Jameson and his son of the same name. In 1866 John Jameson merged with Cork Distillers and John Powers and formed Irish Distillers Group, which was acquired by Pernod Ricard in 1988.

Meaning and history

Jameson logo

The Jameson logo design reflects the brand’s idea, vision, personality and values. Jameson Original has always been appreciated for its unpretentious attitude, approachability and authenticity. The brand design introduces a bold visual identity that has stand-out appeal and further drives differentiation in the Irish whiskey category.

The Jameson logo is an eyebrow wordmark above the family crest icon. Below the logo is the family’s motto, Sine Metu, which means “Without fear”.

The emblem

The logo is the Jameson family crest: an X, two anchors, a star, and a ship on a field of red. A set of icons was designed based on the Jameson family crest.

John Jameson, the distillery’s namesake, was actually not Irish, but Scottish. The Jameson family coat of arms was granted to them in honor of their pursuit of pirates along the Scottish coast in the seventeen century.

Font and color

Jameson Whiskey logo

The Jameson font imparts the feeling of a fleeting yet treasured memory. It is trademarked and was designed for the company by Robert Stradling. This label uses a combination of fonts ranging from serif to sans serif, a font script to a handwritten signature, and varying levels of thicknesses. The two most close typefaces to Jameson are Freebooter Script Font and ITC Stone serif.

The Jameson’s “J” is slightly tilted to make it more evident. The label lettering also includes a handwriting based on John Jameson’s signature.

The design also boasts a vibrant color palette to help the brand stand out, including a bright burgundy, a fresh calm green and the creamy yellow for the background.

The Jameson logo has a timeless and cohesive look. It’s one of the most recognizable logos in the beverage industry. The traditional and the contemporary meet in Jameson design, making its logo single-minded in its expression, powerful and clear. Jameson has created a distilled, dynamic and contemporary visual identity for the impactful brand.

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