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Warka is the Polish beer brand, controlled by Heineken Group. The history of the brand dates back to 1478, when Prince Boleslaw the Fifth made Warka an exclusive beer supplier of the royal court.

Meaning and history

Warka Logo history

Warka is definitely one of the oldest European breweries. It was founded in the 1470s and has always been producing a high-quality beer, which is the reason for its success in the local and European markets.

The brand is owned by the Zywic Group, which partially beings to the Heineken Group, a Dutch company, which is considered to be one of the world’s leaders in the beer industry.

What is Warka?
Warka is the name of a beer brand, which was established in Poland in 1478. Today one of the oldest breweries in the world is owned by the Zywiec Group and has its product sold main in Poland, countries of Eastern Europe, and Russia.


Warka logo old

The Warka logo is a bold wordmark enclosed in contrast hexagon.
The logotype is executed in red and white with gold for additional design features. With bright, distinctive colors Warka logo makes a clear statement.
One more color scheme used by Warka is black, gold and white, but only for Warka Strong beer. They also play with contrast here to make the logotype pure and not boring.
Every package label contains additional graphics – gold medals, symbolizing high quality of the beer, and 1478 – the history link to the privilege received from Prince.


Warka logo
After the redesign, the style of the Warka badge significantly changed. Now it is a flat red logotype in extra-bowl lines, set on a transparent background. The uppercase inscription is set in a sharp serif font and accompanied by two thin short horizontal lies from above and beyond it. The very top of the badge is taken but eh red contoured portrait of General Pulaski, is enclosed into a thin circular frame, with the lettering on its sides.

Font and color

The ExtraBold and stable uppercase logotype from the primary badge of Warka, the brand of beer, is set in a heavy serif typeface with very thick bars of the letters, decorated by thin and sharp serifs on the ends of the lines. The closest fonts to the one, used in the Warka insignia, are, probably, Naveid Black or Harmonique Display Black, but with some slight modifications.

As for the color palette of the Warka visual identity, it is based on just one bright and intense shade — scarlet-red, which looks very powerful and passionate in contrast with a plain white background. Red is a color of strength, determination, and energy, the color, which can make even the simplest badge stand out. And it works great for the Warka logo as well.