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Tequila Ocho, headquartered in Mexico, specializes in crafting single-estate tequilas. Embracing a unique approach, each bottle hails from a distinct agave field, showcasing the terroir’s impact on flavor. Currently, the brand enjoys a global presence, particularly in North America and Europe. Owned by the Camarena family, renowned for their deep-rooted expertise in tequila-making, Tequila Ocho prioritizes authenticity and transparency. As of now, the company remains committed to blending tradition with innovation, carving a niche in the luxury spirits segment.

Meaning and history

Tequila Ocho’s tale begins with the Camarena family, entrenched in agave cultivation and tequila production for several generations. Born from the partnership between Carlos Camarena and Tomas Estes in the early 2000s, they envisioned a tequila that highlighted the terroir, a concept largely unexplored in tequila production until then.

Ocho, meaning “eight” in Spanish, signifies a series of ‘firsts.’ Notably, it was the eighth sample tasted by Carlos and Tomas, marking the birth of their venture. Furthermore, the name nods to the 8-year maturity span of the agave plants.

Unlike other brands, Tequila Ocho adopted a ‘vintage’ approach. Every batch originates from a specific field or “rancho,” emphasizing the distinct flavors and nuances of the region’s soil and climate. This pioneering method allowed connoisseurs to appreciate the subtle differences between batches.

Over the years, Ocho maintained its production ethos, resisting the pull of mass commercialization. They employed traditional techniques, like slow-cooking the agave in old-fashioned brick ovens and using natural fermentation.

While ownership remained with the Camarena family, their dedication to sustainability and preservation grew. Collaborations with environmental groups were initiated, and efforts to reintroduce the endangered lesser long-nosed bat to their natural habitat were endorsed.

Today, Tequila Ocho stands as a beacon of innovation in the tequila industry, championing terroir-driven production while revering age-old traditions.


Tequila Ocho Logo

The logo showcases an ornate shield-like emblem. Within this crest, a majestic tree stands tall, its branches flourishing with intricate detailing. At the tree’s base, two silhouetted figures appear, perhaps guardians of this noble plant. Above the tree, the words “TEQUILA OCHO” are inscribed in an old-world font. To the right, the words “SINGLE ESTATE” are boldly presented, followed by a larger “TEQUILA OCHO.” Below the emblem, a script declares “100% Puro De Agave,” emphasizing the brand’s dedication to purity and authenticity. The overall design exudes a vintage feel, blending history with the finesse of modern craftsmanship.