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PlayPilot stands as a pivotal platform in the streaming content discovery domain. It simplifies the exploration of streaming content by aggregating offerings from multiple streaming services. This approach allows users to efficiently find and enjoy TV shows and movies that align with their preferences, without the need to navigate through multiple apps and interfaces. The platform is renowned for offering a unified, streamlined experience for content enthusiasts worldwide.

Meaning and history

PlayPilot, founded in January 2015, has evolved to become Scandinavia’s largest streaming aggregator, featuring hundreds of thousands of titles. Initially established as a free search and discovery engine, it enabled users to explore streaming services through a single interface, streamlining content discovery and personalization. This user-centric approach aimed to make content exploration easy, personalized, and intelligent.

Adam Chrigström, a trained economist and media industry veteran, co-founded PlayPilot and took on the role of CEO. His background in media insight and digital user behavior greatly influenced the product’s design and development. Henning Horn Af Rantzien, another co-founder and CFO, brought his economics expertise to manage company finances and data insights. The technical foundation was laid by Johan Frisell, the CTO, who was responsible for the initial coding and ongoing technological development.

The team also included Anne-Marie Ubbe as CEO of PlayPilot Denmark, bringing her experience in television and film to the role. Kenneth Skovgaard Clausen, COO of PlayPilot Denmark, contributed his skills as a photographer and entrepreneur. Andreas Berglind handled external communication and operational tasks, while senior developers Gustaf Sjöberg and Björn Uppeke focused on front and backend development, integrating database and machine learning technologies.


PlayPilot Logo

The icon’s design suggests motion or advancement, aligning with the concept of media playback. The company name is presented in a modern, sans-serif font with a friendly and accessible feel. The color choice of the play button is vibrant, indicating energy and innovation, while the grey text balances it with a sense of professionalism and reliability. This logo encapsulates a brand identity that is forward-thinking, user-friendly, and dynamic in the digital streaming space.

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