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Zoho Mail is the name of an email service developed in India, with data centers located in the United States, Europe, China, and India. Their data centers have fault-tolerant servers in unknown locations with strict 24/7 surveillance and biometric printing for entry. In addition to end-to-end encryption, Zoho Mail also keeps emails encrypted during transmission.

Meaning and history

Today Zoho Mail is definitely one of the most well-known and popular encrypted email services. It was created by a large and renowned Indian software developer, Zoho, which has dozens of products in its portfolio and uses all the latest technologies in its software, to provide the users with the easiest-to-use and the safest services.

2014 – Today

Zoho Mail Logo

For its visual identity, Zoho Mail uses the emblem of its mother brand, Zoho, followed by the delicate wordmark. The Zoho logo was designed in 2009, and today is used as a part of the logo of almost all the products of the company.

The Zoho emblem is a bright and cool composition of four colorful cubes, with white capital letters in sans-serif set on each of them. The cubes are set in a horizontal line, but jumping and slanting to different sides, evoking a playful and friendly feeling. The first cube is in red, followed by the green one, the third in blue, and the fourth one is drawn in a light and lively yellow.

The colorful emblem is followed by a black title-case “Mail” inscription, executed in a modest sans-serif typeface, with medium-thick lines and clean neat contours. The lettering looks very simple and modest, yet adds a sense of professionalism and security to the bright geometric emblem.

There is also an additional emblem, used by the service. And it is a blue and yellow envelope drawing with an open contour, drawn in one line. It looks fresh and modern, with lots of air in it.