Soap2day Logo

Soap2day logoSoap2day Logo PNG is the name of a streaming website with a large collection of movies and series, available to watch for free for users from all over the globe. The movies on the platform are available in HD format, and the website can be entered not only from your P.C. but from all mobile devices (the platform supports both macOS and Android operation systems).

Meaning and history

Ssoap2day is a very popular website, which offers a wide variety of movies, documentaries, and tv-series to watch online for free. The platform’s large catalog is very well categorized and allows the users to find the needed content fast and easily.

Ssoap2day is completely free to use, and you can watch any movie online from any of the devices — whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer. The website does not require any registration or credit card details.

On the website, you can find a wide range of movies in series in all possible genres, including iconic old films, and the latest releases. All videos are presented in high definition and allow the user to enjoy watching to the fullest.

What is Soap2day?
Soap2day is a website with a large selection of free-to-watch movies, tv-shows, and series available for free in a high-definition format. The website offers content in various categories and does not require any personal data to use its broad catalog of videos.

Soap2day Logo

Ssoap2day Logo

The visual identity of Soap2day is simple yet fresh and bright. The website prefers its content to be front and center as it is truly an outstanding catalog of videos. So the logo is just an addition and a sign of quality and professionalism.

The Soap2day logo is composed of a modest emblem, which replaces the part of the wordmark, and a customized numeral “2” in the center of the inscription. The composition looks well-balanced, with its confident bold letters in a bright and delightful color palette.

The emblem is executed in a very light shade of blue, close to turquoise, and set on a white background, which makes the main color even brighter and more vivid. The first letter “S” of the logotype is replaced by a solid blue square with the white “S” on it. The square has its corners rounded and sides slightly arched, which makes it look like a tv-screen.

The emblem is followed by an uppercase lettering in a modern and bold sans-serif typeface with strict and clean contours of the letters. The digit “2”, set between the “Soap” and “Day” parts of the lettering, is set in the same size and written with the lines of the same thickness, but has a horizontally striped white pattern, with the stripes getting wider from top to bottom. This adds air and lightness to the badge, making it airy and playful.