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PepsiCo is a food and beverage corporation, established in 1965 in the USA. The company owns various popular labels and is one of the largest food and drink manufacturers and distributors in the world.

Meaning and history

PepsiCo Logo history

Being an umbrella company, PepsiCo features a simple yet strong visual identity. The logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left.

The PepsiCo inscription in all the capital letters is written in a simple extra bold sans-serif typeface, where all the lines are straight and traditional. The nameplate uses a deep blue color, which is a symbol of professionalism and expertise.

The PepsiCo emblem is a sphere, which represents the globe and shows the company’s wide distribution market. The globe is formed by eight lines, each of its own color. The colors reflect the company’s various brands and make the logo look more friendly and fresh.

The current PepsiCo logo was designed in 2001 and is fully based on the previous version of the brand’s visual identity — the one that was created in 1985. It was a light gray wordmark with an underline of the same color and a tricolor circle above the letter “I”, representing the globe.

1965 – 1985

PepsiCo Logo 1965
The very first logo for the company was introduced in 1965, and even though it stayed with Pepsico for twenty years, it still can be seen on each Pepsi bottle. The iconic and instantly recognizable badge featured a stylized globe, drawn in three colors — red on top, white in the middle, and blue on the bottom. The segments are separated from each other with the smooth waves of edges. In the white parts of the logo, there was a custom sans-serif inscription in blue, which was underlined and looked strong and professional.

1985 – 2001

PepsiCo Logo 1985
The redesign of 1985 refreshed the Pepsico visual identity, making the logotype the main accent of the emblem. The lettering was executed in the same typefaces as in the previous version, though this time it was written in light gray. As for the emblem, it was set in a smaller size and placed above the letter “I” of the inscription. The circle was redrawn, and now featured straight edges of three fragments, and had a thin gray striped ornament, for a better resemblance with a globe.

2001 – Today

PepsiCo Logo

The very first PepsiCo logo was designed in 1965 and featured the same style we all know from the Pepsi bottles — blue inscription, placed inside a tricolor circle, with the upper part in red, bottom in blue and the middle in white.


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