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Fans of American beer are sure to know and appreciate the beer produced by the Miller Brewing Company. They recognize it by labels with the characteristic inscription “Miller”.

Meaning and history

Beer available in bottles and cans decorated with the Miller beer logo has been on sale since 1855. When Frederick Miller founded his brewery he made just one type of the beverage. Now the Milwaukee-based company (Wisconsin) produces Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Chill and other brands.

The company uses different logos for different brands. They may vary, but what is depicted in almost every Miller beer logo is the name “Miller” in the distinctive script writing.

Lite Emblem

Miller Lite Emblem

The Miller Lite appeared in 1975. Since then its logo has undergone several overhauls. In 2014 the company returned to the iconic image of the 1970s. To be more exact, the current emblem is a revised edition of the 1974 logo. They redrew the hops and the barley and redesigned the “Lite” typeface by removing the drop shadow. The “M” symbol standing for “Miller” appeared instead of the ropes holding the barley.

miller lite logo

The logo goes without the word “Miller” though in the previous versions it was present. The white lettering “A fine Pilsner beer” remained.

The logo is in navy blue, red, wheat and white, the predominate colors used for beers by different producers.

High Life Symbol

Miller High Life Symbol

Miller High Life is one of the oldest and most well known beer brands. Since 1903, the year of its introduction, its logo has changed but just a little.

This beer logo is based on the Miller Brewing Company logo including its color palette of red and white. It features the same emblem of red color and the “Miller” symbol in white. In addition there is the lettering “High Life” below.

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