SSC Logo


SSC is the name of a Shelby subsidiary, which was established in 1998 in the United States. The brand is known worldwide for its high-performance cars, and especially SSC Ultimate Aero, which was first released in 2004, and became the fastest in the world.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of Shelby Supercars subdivision has had only one logo, which was created in 1999 and perfectly reflects the purpose of the brand, being pretty modest in its composition, but bright, memorable, and stylish.

The logo featured a classic crest shape with a blue and white rhombus all over its body and a solid blue triangle at the very bottom. The arched upper part of the badge contained a white banner outlined in blue color with the “In Veritate Victoria”, which is “In Truth is Victory” in English. The brand’s motto is written in fancy elegant cursive with pretty thick smooth lines and slightly curved tails of the first letters.

Logo SSC

The red and white Chevron, pointing up, is placed in the middle of the crest, touching the frame from both left and right. The chevron symbolized strength and growth, adding more geometry, which balances the checkered background and sharpens the smooth contours of the shield.

On the bottom part of the emblem, there is a delicate yellow image, looking like a stylized deer head, with its antlers pointed and ornate. The animal’s head stands for royalty and nobility, and its color makes the whole composition more vivid and memorable.

The lack of extra details makes the SSC logo minimalist and fresh yet classy and elegant, brilliantly reflecting the essence and character of the brand and its luxury component.

SSC Logo

The blue and white crest can be used on its own or accompanied by an “SSC” monogram, placed in the left or under the emblem. The lettering is usually written in blue, but there is also a secondary color palette, used by Shelby Supercars — blue on the crest is replaced by deep green, and lettering turns black. Sometimes the red “North America” tagline in all capitals of a simple sans-serif typeface is set under the “SSC” wordmark.

Font and color

The bold and futuristic “SSC” lettering from the Shelby Supercars visual identity, is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface with its uppercase “S”s looking like they are slightly inclined to the right, due to the rounded angles on their upper parts, and the “C” standing straight.

The bold and stylish inscription is executed in a custom typeface with sharp edges, which has a slight resemblance with such fonts as Sfera Italic and Gauntlet LGt, but with most lines modified.

SSC Font

The futuristic and progressive typeface of the SSC wordmark adds modernity and style to the traditionally composed badge with a bright yet strict color palette. The color scheme of the logo, built around a combination of Royal-blue and white, with red and yellow accents.

The blue and white body of the crest stands for confidence and luxury, while the Red chevron symbolizes power, passion, and speed. The yellow stag head represents the active position and energy of the brand and the high quality of its cars.

In the case of the secondary, green, color palette, the logo looks more sophisticated and quiet, evoking a calm and pleasant feeling and representing reliability and protection.