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Pandora A/S is among the world’s most famous jewelry manufacturers. The Danish company started its history as a family-run jewelry shop in 1982. Pandora logo is an immediately recognizable wordmark. Its most distinctive feature is an elegant crown over the “O” character. The crown reminds of the fact that Pandora offers a universe of high quality, genuine jewelry supposed to make its owner stand out in the crowd.
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We should also point out that the name Pandora, which has its roots in Greek mythology, is rather popular. It belongs to quite a few companies, people, places, and organizations. For instance, it is also the name of a music streaming service launched in 2000. The service went through a major logo update in 2016.

How to determine the originality of Pandora jewelry?

Pandora logo history

The updated logo stays totally within the contemporary trend of geometric sans serif typefaces. Also, like in many modern logotypes, the letters have only curved one part, while the other part is left as it is. This seems a beneficial approach in this case, as all the letters in the word “Pandora” are curve-based.

Not only the mythological roots of the brand never disturbed its creators, but they even maintained the special status of this brand. Of course, the Pandora’s Box is a gift of a controversial value, but it is quite obvious that Pandora herself was, firstly, a royalty, and secondly, she was extremely attractive. And it is also obvious that brand’s clients correlate themselves with Pandora and hope to gain at least a fraction of her beauty.

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After the latest redesign, Pandora started using a very special and tender color, powder pink. The brand chose a pink hue to stand out from competitors Tiffany & Co. and Swarovski. The new branding is thicker than its predecessor, with smaller gaps between the letters. The new version of the Pandora Icon also has changed and now it does not have any line under the crown symbol.

The letter “O” became the new monogram of the brand. It was the crowned letter on a pink background that became the company’s avatar in social networks. The updated visual identity is designed to convey a fresh and modern tone, and the pink color became a new recognizable element in the points of sale.

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Jewelry logo font and color

Pandora Jewelry logo

The name of the company is given in a perfectly legible sans serif typeface. All the letters are capitalized. Interestingly enough, although there does exist a font named Pandora, it is not the font actually used in the logo of the namesake company. The type bearing the name “Pandora” looks rather weird, if not eerie. Hardly a surprise, taking into consideration that American Horror Story is cited as its inspiration. The Pandora logo font is different. It is a customized typeface very similar (yet not identical) to Optima Demi Bold created by Hermann Zapf.

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The wordmark is built around a simple black-and-white color scheme, emphasizing the elegance and refinement of the Pandora jewelry.