Tell Original Pandora Jewelry from Fake by Logo

Tell original pandora jewelry from fake by logo

Pandora’s skyrocketing popularity has resulted in the appearance of a growing number of fake bracelets and charms, and they are increasingly crafty. Are there ways to avoid buying a fake piece at a price of an original? Hopefully, the following tips will help you see if it is original or not.

Logo marks and stamps

stamp s925 ale pandora

Pandora silver pieces are stamped s925 ale, gold ones – g585 ale, for rose gold ones – ale r. All authentic charms, bracelets, rings, and pendants are stamped that way. Sometimes the stamps are tiny or hidden and are hardly visible without a magnifier. Makers put them on tiny rims, on charms’ tiny parts or inside openwork charms.

The marking mentioned above was introduced in 2011. Previously crafted charms are stamped 925 ale.

In some EU countries, Pandora pieces that are available at Pandora stores are marked with additional Assay Chamber stamps as may be required by law. In most UE countries and the USA, only factory marking is required.

The .925 silver mark is an international standard for silver jewelry. The unique silver/copper alloy is an ideal combination of pure silver color and physical integrity.

In bracelets, the Pandora logo itself should be regarded closely. It should be even, each letter should be neat, and the font should not look blurred. In 2008, Pandora introduced the crown mark above the ‘O’.

Today, it is hardly possible to find bracelets with logos without the crown. This is about brand new bracelets, not about old ones. It should be noted that original bracelets are tight, and it is a while later that they turn softer. Fake ones are soft immediately because they are poorly woven. Leather bracelets are not well crafted yet. Most likely, this is because they are less popular than silver bracelets. Fake leather bracelets are woven in a makeshift fashion and seams are simply cut off or tied. In original pieces, seams are sealed. You can easily tell a true Pandora bracelet from a fake one by color. Original ones have deeply colored and sometimes iridescent, while fake pieces are plain-colored.

Pandora jewerly fake and original

Ordering it on your own

If you have decided to order a foreign piece, address official dealers only.

  • As mentioned above, the key sighs of authenticity in Pandora jewelry are:
  • A crown mark above the ‘O’;
  • Factory stamps: ‘s925 ale’ for silver, ‘g585 ale’ for gold, ‘ale r’ for rose gold charm and bracelets;
  • A clover mark in the middle of the bracelet’s/clip’s lock.

There is one way you can check a piece for authenticity at home. If you have bought it from an individual, check the metal using a magnet. Silver does not stick to magnets, so if it is a silver piece, it won’t. If your piece sticks, it is made of some common alloy and therefore is definitely fake.

Buy a good thing and good luck!