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Lola Cruz is a Spanish shoe designer, founded in 2004. Most of their products are footwear of higher quality. They focus particularly on light models, such as sandals or classy shoes. There are also bigger, more practical variants. The designs are normally elegant and artistic.

Meaning and History

Lola Cruz was established in 2004 by Maria Jesús Gozalvo. She found inspiration in the works of her father, who launched his first collection in 2000. The company currently works on low-scale production. Their shoes are present throughout Europe, but not to the same extent as Prada, for instance.

2004 – today

Lola Cruz Logo

The design features the name of the label in a creative, cursive script. It damages its legibility, but creates a more personal touch, because it looks like a hand-written signature of Lola Cruz herself. The letters are thin and interconnected.