DLSB, established in 2013, focuses on empowering women with bold, statement-making fashion. They blend the latest trends into their designs, prioritizing affordability and quality. The brand is led by Shellie, who, with her fashion design background and experience in the fashion industry, infuses her passion into DLSB’s creations. The company’s main goal is women’s empowerment, offering weekly new, trendy, and quality-assured fashion items​​​​.

Meaning and history

DLSB’s journey began with Shellie Cutting’s vision and a modest £2,000 investment. Initially named Dirty Little Style B*tch, the brand started in Shellie’s kitchen, combining her fashion design degree from Northumbria University and her experience in buying and merchandising for other brands. The business was a family affair, with Shellie’s partner, children, sisters, and niece contributing significantly. She handled everything from buying and styling to marketing and modeling, reinvesting all earnings to grow the business.

Within a year, DLSB’s turnover increased dramatically, and after two and a half years, Shellie expanded into a warehouse, enhancing the company’s operations. Today, DLSB is a thriving online fashion business with a £12 million turnover, a dedicated team of 30, and a comprehensive range of women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories​​​​​​​​.



Cast in a robust, ebony typeface, the characters intertwine with spontaneous, abstract swirls of a vivid tangerine hue. These swirls evoke a sense of spirited motion or impromptu paint strokes that envelop and highlight the nomenclature. The emblem’s aesthetic conveys a sense of inventive flair and vigor, indicative of an enterprise that cherishes audaciousness and ingenuity. It embodies a contemporary appeal, aligning with a forward-thinking identity that likely appeals to a youthful, dynamic demographic seeking to make a powerful statement through their choices.

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