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Pagani is one of the world’s luxury sport-car brands, created in Italy in 1992 by the former Lamborghini manager. The brand became popular worldwide due to the release of its Zonda model. Today the brand manufactures around twenty cars per year, which shows its professional approach and value of quality.

Meaning and history

Pagani Logo history
Named after its founder, Horacio Pagani, the brand became one of the most successful super-car producers in history. The Pagani logo is an example of elegant simplicity and is composed of an oval frame with a wordmark inside.

1992 – Today

Pagani Logo 1992
All capital letters of the wordmark are executed in a custom sans-serif font with smooth rounded lines, which balances the oval shape of the framing.
The Pagani emblem also features a stylized image of the letter “P” on its top-left part and a tribute to the brand’s home in the tagline “Automobili Modena”.
The silver and blue color palette of the Pagani emblem shows the brand as elegant and sleek, evoking a sense of authority and influence.
The emblem is three-dimensional but completely balanced in everything, starting with its shapes and finishing with the colors. It is modest, yet reflects the luxury of the product. It is strict, yet celebrated the sleek car design.
The Pagani logo is a perfect example of the minimalist interpretation of luxe and prestige. A true representation of the Italian style.

2005 – Today

Pagani Logo
A more stylish, simplified version was introduced in 2005. The new version preserved only the basic elements of the original. It still had an oval frame and used the same font to print the name. However, all the other elements were removed, leaving a white background with a thin black frame. The minimalistic look of the logo gave it a luxurious feel. It was used for many years alongside the original logo.

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