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Auburn is the name of the American auto-making company which was established in 1900 by the Eckhart brothers. The company was specialized in the production of elegant sedans and cabriolets and was famous for its collaborations with the most interesting and creative designers in the industry. The production of automobiles under the brand was discontinued in 1937.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of Auburn automobile company has had only one official logo version created throughout three decades of its existence. Though there was also a secondary badge, which was placed on the bonnets of some of the company’s models.

The official Auburn logo featured a geometric crest with its triangular bottom part pointing down and the rectangular top slightly extended to the sides. The only element, placed on the crest was the Auburn logotypes set in all capitals of a custom serif typeface with massive geometric shapes resembling art-deco architecture and its columns.

Auburn Logo

This badge could be seen in various color variations — gold and black, where the black lettering in a double thin outline was placed on a gradient gold background with a matte texture; a monochrome version with white inscription in a black background, this combination was usually accompanied by a thin gold “Established 1900” tagline in all capitals of a traditional and clean sans-serif typeface.

As for the secondary version of the Auburn visual identity, it had one thing in common with the primary one — the shape of the crest. But all the other details were completely different. This crest was more elegant and tender, executed in a white, blue, and gold color palette, it was an ornate blue background with curved edges, outlined in gold. The bold script lettering in a title case was written in white and also featured a thin gold contouring. Under the main wordmark, there was a delicate gold tagline in all-caps of a sans-serif font. The whole composition was set in a milky-white background of the crest, which added lightness and sophistication to the image.

Font and color

Logo Auburn

The stylish and fancy logotype from the Auburn official badge was executed in a custom typeface with geometric shapes of the letters and slightly softened bold serifs on the end of the lines. The Auburn type looks close to such commercial fonts as Hudson NY Pro Serif Bold and Al Valenciaga Normal, but with most lines modified.

As for the additional version of the Auburn logo, its script wordmark was executed in a typeface, which is something in the middle between Lacosta Line and Parkside Bold, with elegant shapes and smooth lines of the letters.

The official color palette of the Auburn visual identity is gold and black, which is a combination, reflecting chic, sophistication, and luxury. The gold shade here is also an eye-catcher, making the badge of the brand stand out.

When used in monochrome, the Auburn emblem evokes a sense of professionalism, precision, and authority, and small gold details elevated it, making the logo timeless and fine.