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Berliet is a French automotive manufacturer specializing in commercial vehicles. It was founded in 1899 by Marius Berliet and later acquired by Renault Trucks. The company operates primarily in Europe, producing trucks and buses known for their reliability and performance.

Meaning and history

Berliet Logo history

Berliet, founded by Marius Berliet in 1899, was a renowned French automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturing company. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, Berliet achieved several notable milestones throughout its history. In the early years, the company gained recognition for its production of high-quality cars and trucks. Later, it became a pioneer in the development of heavy-duty vehicles and played a vital role in the advancement of the trucking industry. Berliet’s trucks were widely used in military operations during World War II. The company continued to thrive in the post-war period, expanding its product range and venturing into international markets. However, as the global automotive landscape evolved, Berliet faced financial challenges and eventually merged with Saviem in 1974 to form Renault Trucks. Today, Berliet’s legacy lives on as a part of the renowned Renault Trucks brand, which continues to manufacture commercial vehicles of exceptional quality and reliability.

What is Berliet?
Berliet was a French manufacturer of trucks and military vehicles. It was established in 1899 and played a significant role in the automotive industry before merging with other companies to form Renault Trucks in 1978.

1899 – 193?

Berliet Logo 1899

The logo of the company in the early days looked very elegant and made it appear that the brand is focused on luxury automobiles. Such a well-designed logo proves that the company focuses on the high quality of every element that is connected to the brand. The emblem consists of only the name written using a graceful, rich typeface. It resembles a cursive, handwritten script with all the letters interconnected. The high-stroke contrast gives the logo a unique touch. Another detail that adds individuality to the emblem is a horizontal line running above the lowercase letters from the first to the last character.

193? – 19??

Berliet Logo 1930

A circle of blue color with a golden outline served as the base for the emblem. A drawing of the front of the train took up the majority of the round emblem. It symbolized the progress and strength of the brand. Its name curved above the train. The designers chose a strict, sans-serif font of a dark blue color with a thin golden outline.

19?? – 1978

Berliet Logo

An abstract drawing of a train from the previous logo became the only element of the Berliet brand. It consisted of a circle with a triangle underneath pointing down. Above the circle was a small vertical rectangle for the smoke pipe. All the shapes had a thick, black outline, creating an image of a strong, well-developed brand.