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Both the old Oral Roberts Golden Eagles logo and the current one feature a stylized eagle. The way it is depicted varies greatly, though.

Meaning and history

Oral Roberts Golden Eagles Logo history

Oral Roberts University, established in 1963 in Tulsa, Oklahoma by its eponymous founder, evangelist Oral Roberts, also gave rise to the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles. This athletic division, since its inception, has been an integral part of the university’s identity. In the annals of collegiate sports, the Golden Eagles have etched their mark with several remarkable feats. The men’s basketball team, particularly, has been a beacon of excellence, with a standout performance in the 1974 NCAA Tournament, where they advanced to the Elite Eight. More recently, in 2021, they seized the national spotlight by advancing as a 15th seed, a testament to their enduring spirit and skill. Additionally, the baseball team has consistently demonstrated prowess, accumulating conference titles and making regular NCAA Tournament appearances.

In the current sports landscape, the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles maintain a strong presence. Competing in the Summit League, they uphold a tradition of athletic excellence combined with academic rigor. This blend of sportsmanship and scholarly commitment continues to define the ethos of the Golden Eagles, mirroring the foundational principles of Oral Roberts University.

What is Oral Roberts Golden Eagles?
Representing Oral Roberts University in NCAA Division I, the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles encompass a range of men’s and women’s sports teams. They are active competitors in the Summit League, where they display not only athletic prowess but also a commitment to academic and personal development. The Golden Eagles are celebrated for their spirited engagement in collegiate sports, marked by historic achievements and a culture of perseverance and excellence.

1993 – 2016

Oral Roberts Golden Eagles Logo-1993

In 1993, the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, adopted an athletic logo featuring an eagle, who was also a player. The bird was wearing a shirt with the letters “ORU” (the initials of the university’s name) on its chest. While the logo did its job, it was pretty cartoonish.

2017 – Today

Oral Roberts Golden Eagles Logo

In 2017, the school introduced a sleeker, more modern emblem. Now, we can only see the head of the eagle. The approach emphasizes the determined and serious expression of its eyes.

Oral Roberts Golden Eagles Colors

HEX COLOR: #002F60;
RGB: (4,47,96)
CMYK: (100,87,35,27)

RGB: (197,183,131)
CMYK: (9,12,47,18)

RGB: (162,142,42)
CMYK: (10,23,100,43)