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The brand identity of the ASU, including the Arkansas State Red Wolves logo, is comparatively young.

Meaning and history

Arkansas State Red Wolves Logo history

Arkansas State Red Wolves, representing Arkansas State University (ASU), were founded as an athletic entity in 1911. This marked the inception of a journey that would carve a significant place in collegiate sports history. Initially known as the Aggies and later the Indians, the teams were renamed the Red Wolves in 2008, reflecting a fresh and dynamic identity. This transition was part of a broader rebranding initiative, aiming to foster a stronger, more unified representation of ASU’s athletic prowess.

The Arkansas State Red Wolves have accumulated notable achievements over the years, particularly in football, where they have emerged as a formidable force in the Sun Belt Conference. Their impressive track record includes multiple conference championships and appearances in bowl games, showcasing the depth and talent within their ranks. The men’s and women’s track and field teams have also garnered acclaim, consistently producing athletes who excel both regionally and nationally. These achievements symbolize the Red Wolves’ commitment to excellence in collegiate sports, cultivating an environment where athletes thrive under competitive pressure.

Currently, the Arkansas State Red Wolves continue to uphold their legacy of athletic excellence. With a focus on nurturing well-rounded student-athletes, ASU remains committed to academic and athletic success. The Red Wolves’ consistent performances across various sports, including baseball, basketball, and golf, illustrate their ongoing dedication to maintaining a high standard of competitiveness and sportsmanship. This current position reflects not only their past glories but also a steadfast vision for future triumphs in the world of collegiate athletics.

What is Arkansas State Red Wolves?
Arkansas State Red Wolves is the athletic teams’ identity for Arkansas State University. They compete in NCAA Division I, representing the university in a wide range of sports.

1993 – 2008

Arkansas State Red Wolves Logo 1993
The team was known as Indians until 2008. As such, the logo portrayed a bit acronym ‘ASU’, written in thin, black letters with a serif font. There were also slight red shadows behind these letters, and a simply drawn head of a Native American was placed inside the hollow space in ‘S’. The word ‘Indians’ was written right below in aggressive, linear letters that resembled paint (or blood).

2008 – 2015

Arkansas State Red Wolves Logo 2008
The 2008 logo depicts the big ‘Red Wolves acronym, written in blocky serif letters. The color was bright red, but with some white and black as outlining. The first letter was moved to the left slightly to accommodate an image of a wolf’s head, colored black and red. It looks exactly like the post-2015 logo. The words ‘Arkansas State’ were also put right below the main wordmark, made from smaller, black letters.

2015 – Today

Arkansas State Red Wolves logo

While the ASU’s athletic program is older than a century, the “Wolves” mascot has been chosen not that long ago, in early 2008. Earlier, the teams’ brand identity was based on the Indian imagery and the “Indians” nickname. However, anyone can see that the “Red Wolves” name alone has a reference to the Native American theme, and if you take a look at the logo, the reference will become even more apparent.

The current Arkansas State Red Wolves logo was introduced on March 13, 2008. The red muzzle on the logo looks more like a mask than the real head of a wolf. In this way, the designers probably wanted to create a link with the university’s previous brand identity.

Arkansas State Red Wolves football

Arkansas State Red Wolves

The university has sponsored a football team for over a century, since 1911. The Red Wolves have compiled six conference championships and one College Division football championship. As of 2019, ASU has won three of the last five Sun Belt conference titles outright.

Arkansas State Red Wolves basketball

Arkansas State Red Wolves Logo

ASU received a bid to play in the National Invitation Tournament in 1987. In 1999, ASU competed in the NCAA Tournament for the first time.

Arkansas State Red Wolves Colors

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