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Oploverz.bz is the name of a web-portal, which offers its users a huge collection of manga subtitles in the Indonesian language to watch online, as well as to download it on mobile devices or computers. The website boasts a catalog with dozens of categories, where every manga fan will be able to find what he is looking for.

Meaning and history

Oploverz is the platform with one of the largest collections of manga comics and movies subtitles in the Indonesian language available online for free. The website does not require any registration or payment, and all of the content can be watched from your computer or mobile device whenever and wherever you feel like it.

With Oploverz’s constant updates you can be sure not to miss the latest episodes of your favorite comics or series. The catalog is being updated daily, and all the content is conveniently categorized, so even if you do not have the name of the manga you want to watch, you will be able to find something suitable for your mood in the selected genre.

On the website, you can also check the schedule of the episode’s release, and subscribe to get notifications, when the subtitles for the episode you are waiting for are available on Oploverz.

What is Oploverz?
Oploverz is an online platform with the largest collection of anime and manga subtitles in the Indonesian language. The website offers a huge catalog of movies and series’ subs, which can be easily downloaded on your device, no matter where you are at the moment.

Oploverz Logo

Oploverz Logo

In terms of visual identity, the website chooses to be moderate yet not boring, with its logo executed in a blue color palette, which is usually associated with professionalism and security.

Oploverz has chosen the marine theme for its emblem, which can be explained in both the variety of the content, offers by the website — ocean, or the island, where those who have been surfing on the Internet waves in serve if needed platform, can finally moor at.

The Oploverz logo is composed of a graphical emblem, followed by a horizontally stretched banner with a wordmark. The emblem depicts a bright blue steering wheel of a ship, with the stylized “OP” monogram in the center, and the arched blue banner with the “Loverz” lettering, set at the bottom part, above the small blue anchor.

As for the lettering part, the “Download Anime Sun Indo” inscription in dark blue is set over the narrow horizontally stretched rectangular banner, with its right border cut diagonally and sharpened. The wordmark is executed in a title case of an italicized sans-serif typeface with clean bold letters.