Mamba Logo

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Mamba Logo
Mamba is a Russian online dating platform, which was established in 2002. Today the platform operates internationally and has more than 10 million users worldwide, with about 2 mill of daily site traffic.

Meaning and history

The Mamba visual identity is simple yet instantly recognizable. Executed in bright orange color, it’s logo consists of a single wordmark with a tagline.
The nameplate in all the lowercase letters is executed in a bold serif typeface where the first “a” and “b” of the inscription are placed on one line, lower than other letters.
The jumping letters and bold serifs of the wordmark make the logo look playful and evoke a sense of joy and happiness. The orange color of the Mamba logo is welcoming and friendly, representing the platform, where the users are the number one priority.
Mamba Logo

The tagline is written in very small lettering of the sans-serif typeface and almost looks like a solid underline.
The Mamba logo does its job as a dating service representative perfectly. It is simple yet evokes a sense of trust and reliability, it shows the brand, that aims to bring happiness to its users and does everything for it, providing the best service and easy interface.