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DJayodhya is the name of an Indian website, offering its visitors to download DJ music directly to their devices. A huge collection of audio files from the most famous DJs of the region is available here with no registration and absolutely for free.

Meaning and history

DJayodhya is a website, created for the fans of the Indian DJ music industry. The website is being updated daily, so you can always find something new to listen to, although if you are looking for an older track, you can use the search engine, which is super convenient.

The main page of the website shows you a huge list of the latest tracks from the most famous Indian DJs, which are available for free download in an MP3 format.

What is DJayodhya?

DJayodhya is a music web portal, which offers visitors to download mp3 trams of Indian DJs. I’m the website definitely boasts the largest selection of music files of the kind available online for free. Here you can browse through the latest music releases or find an older song you always wanted to have with you on your device.

As for the visual identity, the Indian website with DJ music is more than minimalist. The platform does not use any graphical elements neither for the primary logo, set on all pages of the site nor for the web icon. It’s all clean and simple.

2021 – Today

DJayodhya Logo

The DJayodhya logo is fully text-based. The white lettering on a solid black banner on top of each of the website’s pages is all we can see. No graphics, no ornaments, everything is clean and clear. The black and white color palette of the portal’s logo stands for professionalism and timelessness but also evokes a sense of style and modernity.

As for the typeface of the lettering, it is as simple and minimalist as the overall concept. The white inscription is executed in a bold and distinct sans-serif font, which is very similar to Trebuchet Bold, with the vertical bars of the letters having their ends cut diagonally.