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Only is the name of a Danish fashion brand, which was established in 1995, with the idea of production of casual and stylish garments for women at affordable prices. By today the company has grown into one of the industry leaders on the European market, with more than 2,5 thousand stores in 38 countries.

Meaning and history

Only is the Danish fashion brand, that entered the European market in 1995. The brand, owned by Bestseller, a group that owns several other fashion brands, is specialized in the production and distribution of affordable casual clothing and accessories for women.

Only became popular for women’s collections, consisting of fashionable dresses, denim clothes, outerwear, along with accessories and bags. The Danish company grew with a really good speed, and in two years after its establishment, Only has already signed a partnership with Chinese distributors, opening several boutiques there and all over Scandinavia.

In 1998 the brand expanded to Eastern Europe and Russia, and in another year the clothing collections of Only could already be found all over Europe. Today the collections of Only are sold in more than 300 stores in Europe and the Middle East, as well as in multi-brand stores worldwide.

In 2006 the brand launches a sports line, which had a huge success, so the company decided to keep it going, and today the sports collection of the Danish brand can be found not only in the physical stores but also online. Only started operating online in 2008, and today this side of the business is getting more and more confident.

What is Only?

Only is an international fashion brand specializing in clothing for young women. According to the official website, Only has 2,700 branded chain stores across 38 markets worldwide. The brand was established in Denmark in the middle of the 1990s.

As for the visual identity, the Danish brand of casual fashion looks casual too. The logo is composed of a bold uppercase logotype, which is sometimes complemented by a graphical element.

1995 – Today

Only Logo

The Only logo exists in two color versions — the classic black on white, and the alternative white on black. The brand most often uses just a bold uppercase logotype, but sometimes it is accompanied by a pictogram. While the wordmark is totally generic, the pictogram logo has a distinctive touch.

The wordmark is based on a clear sans. In a way, it is similar to the Hugo Boss logo, although the glyphs are broader.

The pictogram also features the name of the brand, yet it is given in a different way here. The letters “ON” are placed above “LY” creating a somewhat unusual icon.

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