Crocs logo

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Crocs logo
The logo of the shoe brand Crocs is instantly recognizable due to its main character, a crocodile. It certainly doesn’t look like the logo of any other shoe brand.

Meaning and History logo

history Crocs logo

The history of the company started in 2002 when their first model was introduced. Ever since the brand’s signature item has been the foam clog shoe. However, it also distributes other types of footwear in an array of colors.


Crocs symbol
The Crocks logo features a crocodile. To be precise, you can see its head and upper part of the body (with the two upper paws) placed inside a circle frame.

Wordmark emblem

Crocs emblem
The lettering looks friendly and modern due to the rounded shape of the glyphs. The insignia features lowercase letters based on a circle shape.


The type used for the Crocks logo is very similar to AG Book Rounded BQ-Bold, and yet, you may notice quite a few differences, if you take a closer look. While the designer might have used this font as a base, he customized the proportions of the glyphs and the width of the lines, which resulted in the wordmark having a unique style.


logo Crocs
The crocodile and the wordmark are typically given in black and white, and still, you probably have come across a neon green version of the Crocks logo.