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The history of the Fossil logo shows the brand’s evolution towards a simpler, easier-to-grasp design.

Meaning and history

Fossil Group, Inc. is a US fashion designer and manufacturer established in 1984

The current logo is utterly minimalistic. It features nothing but the name of the brand in a generic sans serif type. The classic proportions of the letters provide excellent legibility. The fact that the distance between the letters is slightly larger than average is probably the only distinctive feature. Even the color scheme – black and white – does not add anything memorable.

If this logo could speak, it would probably say: “Reliable, durable, without anything unnecessary.” Also, the generous breathing space between the letters may imply luxury.

Fossil Logo

Old emblem

The previous logo for the Fossil Group was by far more complex than the current one. Interestingly, there is something in common between them. To preserve the heritage of the old brand identity, the design forces behind Fossil decided to leave the wordmark unchanged, so it looks exactly the same in both the versions, apart from the color.

On the old Fossil logo, the word “Fossil” was white. It was placed over a navy blue stripe. The stripe, in its turn, was placed inside a gold ellipse with blue and red trim. Above the wordmark, the writing “Authentic” in red letters with blue trim could be seen. The type was different from the wordmark.