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Manhwaindo is the name of an Indonesian web portal with one of the largest selections of manga comics in the region. The website is updated daily and has all possible categories of comics to search through.

Meaning and history

Manhwaindo Logo history

ManhwaIndo boasts one of the largest catalogs of comics in the Indonesian language. The website is conveniently built and allows the visitors to find the needed manga in seconds, due to the simple interface of the platform and its easy-to-use menu. The portal has daily updates, so you can be sure you won’t miss the latest release of your favorite manga.

On ManhwaIndo you can read the comics online or download them for free on your device, to enjoy reading whenever you want, and without an internet connection. The website does not require any registration or payments, and it’s absolutely free for users, as earned from the advertisement.

What is Manhwaindo?

Manhwaindo is an online platform in the Indonesian language with a huge selection of comics. Updated daily, ManhwaIndo provides its visitors with all the latest updates and has its content available for free and with no registrations

The name of the website, ManhwaIndo, is composed of “Manhwa”, which stands for “Comics” in Indonesian, and “Indo”, for the language and region. In terms of visual identity, the Indonesian website is quite minimalistic. The platform uses one icon for everything — from web signifier to website logo.

2021 – 2022

Manhwaindo Logo 2021

The original logo for ManhwaIndo was introduced in 2021 and stayed active for just a few months. It wasbubbly-bold lettering in a custom cartoonish typeface, with the two parts of the brand’s name glued to each other. The capital “M” and uppercase “INDO” were drawn in bright purple, while the lowercase “anhwa” in the middle featured white bodies of the letters and a double purple outline. The inscription looked very friendly and playful due to the rounded shapes of the characters and a lively color palette.

2022 – Today

Manhwaindo Logo

The ManhwaIndo logo, used by the portal for all purposes, features a solid blue square with rounded angles and a white capital letter “M” in a custom elegant typeface, resembling the hieroglyphic writing, with the bars of the letter flared to the ends, and the upper right end elongated and curved to the left.

The combination of blue and white works great on the soft blue background of the website and evokes a sense of professionalism and reliability. It also makes the comics portal stand out on the list of its competitors, creating an intense and juicy image.

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