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Ola Cabs is an Indian startup located in Bangalore and established in 2010. This is a multinational company, focused on ridesharing services. Their operations are organized through websites and mobile apps, which allow car drivers to give a lift to random passengers and get some profit for it. Ola also provides different types of service, including food delivery, car leasing, mobile transactions.

Meaning and history

Ola Cabs was founded in 2010 by two Indian entrepreneurs, Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. From the start, the company specialized only in taxi services. This name derives from the Spanish ‘hola’, meaning ‘hello’.

In 2014, it started offering auto rickshaws renting. In the next year, Ola bought a taxi service named TaxiForSure, and then Geotagg, a trip planning application. Then, in 2017, it acquired an Indian branch of a food delivery company named Foodpanda. After this, they purchased Ridlr, public transport tickets aggregator.

By 2019, more than 10000 drivers had registered to work with Ola. In 2020, there have already been branches in UK, New Zealand, and Australia. Now, Ola Cabs is a large transnational taxi giant.

What is Ola?
Ola is a ridesharing company headquartered in Bangalore, India. They specialize in transportation network, structured through their mobile apps and websites. Using them, thousands of drivers receive an opportunity to get benefits from giving a lift to random passengers, delivering food, car renting, et cetera. There are branches in many cities of India, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Although the business is successful, there is a lot of criticism addressed towards the company for its conception that a random driver can share a ride with a random passenger often without any identification.

2010 – today

Ola Cabs Logo

Their corporate logotype consists of an ‘o’ character drawn in broad strokes and styled as a vehicle tire. To the right, we can see an inscription with the name of the brand. There is no any background or other special elements for the logotype.


Ola Cabs Symbol

The coloring of the Ola brand logotype is composed of black and yellow shades, whereas black is used for the name and outer part of the ‘o’ character, while yellow stands for the inner part of this letter.

This Ola palette derives from Yellow Сab Company coloring. Back in the 1920s, YCC started manufacturing of taxicabs. To make them more visible and stylish, it decided to use black and yellow painting scheme. Ola used these shades for the similar reasons.


Ola Cabs Emblem

The font of the Ola wordmark has semibold letters without serifs. The characters have sharp tips and small intervals in between. The ‘a’ character has lost its horizontal bar, and looks like the inverted ‘v’ character.