Free Convert Logo

Free Convert LogoFree Convert Logo PNG, managed by TRMedia Inc., operates remotely, specializing in versatile file conversion online. Their digital tools assist users globally, transcending traditional market boundaries​​.

Meaning and history

FreeConvert began as, a service for resizing images. Learning from this, in 2018 they expanded to convert images, audio, video, and documents. Owned by TRMedia Inc., they pride themselves on a fully remote operation. The platform serves approximately 1.5 million monthly visitors and processes over 100,000 daily file conversions using a suite of over 1000 tools​​.


Free Convert Logo

The logo displayed features the name “FreeConvert” in a sans-serif, modern font. The text is in a gradient of blue shades, suggesting a blend of reliability and innovation. Preceding the wordmark is a circular emblem with a two-arrowed symbol, indicative of conversion or recycling, encapsulating the logo’s essence of transformation. This icon is monochromatic, set in a contrasting purple, which adds a dynamic and creative touch to the overall design. The simplicity of the logo reflects a user-friendly and efficient service.

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