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The earliest Odnoklassniki logo was created by Russian designer and consultant Dmitryi Utkin in 2006, when no one could actually predict that it was to become one of the Russia’s largest social networks. Interestingly enough, Dmitryi Utkin was also the first user registered on the project.

Meaning and history

Odnoklassniki Logo history

2006 — 2011

Odnoklassniki Logo 2006

Odnoklassniki was launched in March 2006 and for the first months it was not actually a commercial project – the Russian web developer Albert Popkov, who lived in London, worked on it just as a hobby.

Half a year after its launch, Odnoklassniki already had more than 1.5 million registered users. It was only then that Albert Popkov decided to register it officially as a company.

The original logo by Dmitryi Utkin depicted two abstract human figures of unidentifiable age and gender. One of them was orange, while the other was green. They were placed inside a stylized sun with orange and green rays. Below, there was the name of the project in Russian.

The 2011 emblem

Odnoklassniki emblem

In 2011, the social network introduced a new logotype. While the original logo was created when Odnoklassniki did not even have any registered users, the 2011 version was developed when the scale of the project was already obvious. That’s why the logotype was much clearer, simpler, yet recognizable and meaningful – the qualities that typically require time and effort.

The visual center of the logo was a stylized human body with a big round head. If you rotated the logo to a right angle (counterclockwise), it could be read as “OK” – the head was the “O,” while the body was the “K.” The hidden “OK” has an additional meaning, apart from the regular one: it is the common abbreviation for “Odnoklassniki”.

Current symbol

Odnoklassniki Symbol

The latest logo modification was a minor one. There was a slight shift on the color palette and the typeface (within the same font family). While the previous image could be rotated to 45 degrees, the 2016 brand guidelines do not accept this.


Font Odnoklassniki Logo

The font family featured on the current Odnoklassniki logo is called Din Round Pro. It is the brand’s official typeface instead of Din Text Pro used on the previous logo. In case the Din Round Pro type family is unavailable, the Arial и Helvetica fonts are acceptable.


Color Odnoklassniki Logo

The shade of orange goes under the number 144 C in the Pantone Matching System and has the hex index: #ee8208. The list of main colors mentioned in the company’s official brand guidelines (2016) also includes three shades of grey: Pantone Cool Grey 9 (#75787b), Pantone Cool Grey 3 (#c7c9ca), and Pantone 432 C (#2d3237).