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Kempinski is a brand of five-star hotels, founded in 1897 in Berlin, Germany with its headquarter in Genève now. Kempinski Hotels currently operates 76 hotels in 31 countries worldwide. It’s the Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group.

Meaning and history

Kempinski Logo

The Kempinski logo celebrates the brand’s heritage as pioneers of luxury hospitality in Europe with a contemporary look and feel.

The Kempinski logo is an elegant calligraphic wordmark with its main accent on color.

‘Stellar blue’, a color formulated especially for the brand, is inspired by the constellation of remarkable properties the hospitality group is known for. A touch of gold and neutral cream complements the deep sophisticated blue while a secondary palette of reds, greens and blues add energy and vibrancy to in-room communications.

A bespoke headline typeface – ‘HeleneHess’, named as a tribute to the wife of Berthold Kempinski —  is an extensive latin serif font (with over 350 glyphs) that takes inspiration from the brand European Swiss-German roots. A custom-made sans-serif typeface improves legibility and brings visual unity to a wide portfolio of sub-brands, products and services.