ICKX Automobili is an automotive brand created by DR Automobiles, an Italian company. It is known for the ICKX K2, an off-road vehicle inspired by classic designs and based on the Chinese Baic BJ40. This venture marks a blend of Italian design and Chinese manufacturing, offering a unique take in the automotive world. ICKX focuses on producing vehicles that combine Italian style with robust engineering, designed for those who appreciate a mix of innovation and tradition in their cars.

Meaning and history

ICKX Automobili, an intriguing name in the automotive industry, has a unique history that intertwines Italian design with Chinese manufacturing. The company’s journey began as a subsidiary of DR Automobiles, a small Italian car manufacturer known for selling Chinese-based vehicles in Italy since 2006. DR Automobiles, under scrutiny for not being transparent about the Chinese origins of its cars, brought a new dimension to the automotive market with the launch of ICKX Automobili.

The flagship model of ICKX, the K2, made its debut as an off-road vehicle deeply rooted in the design principles of classic off-roaders but with modern enhancements. It’s based on the Chinese Baic BJ40 but stands out with its unique features and Italian flair. The ICKX K2 is not just a car; it’s a statement – a blend of Italian design sophistication and the robust practicality of Chinese engineering. This model showcases a distinct design with a removable roof, a powerful turbo diesel engine, and advanced technological features, encapsulating the essence of both Italian style and Chinese efficiency.

ICKX Automobili’s narrative is one of innovation, cultural amalgamation, and a bold step into the competitive world of automotive design and manufacturing. It reflects a globalized approach to car making, where borders blur, and a fusion of styles and technologies gives birth to something unique and compelling. The company stands as a testament to the evolving nature of the automotive industry, where collaboration and integration across countries lead to the creation of vehicles that are not just modes of transport but symbols of cross-cultural craftsmanship.

What is ICKX?
ICKX is an automotive brand under the umbrella of DR Automobiles, an Italian company. It’s distinguished for its off-road vehicle, the ICKX K2, which merges Italian design sensibilities with the robustness of Chinese manufacturing, creating a unique blend in the global car market.


ICKX logo

The logo presents a bold, modern aesthetic, with the name “ICKX” rendered in a sleek, monochromatic palette. The typeface is strong and angular, suggesting a connection to technology or engineering. The ‘X’ stands out with an orange hue, providing a pop of color that could energy. The choice of color and form suggests a brand identity that is both forward-looking and grounded in its approach.

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