Tums Logo

Tums Logo

Tums is a brand of drugs, helping to deal with digestion problems, it is composed of sucrose and calcium carbonate. The medicine is produced by GSK, which is one of the most influential pharmaceutical corporations in the world.

Meaning and history

Tums Logo history

Tums boasts a bright and modern visual identity, which is instantly recognizable across the world.

The wordmark, placed on a diagonally located oval, features all capital lettering is a bold rounded sans-serif typeface. The lines are smooth and thick, looking great in white on a blue background.

The oval of the Tums emblem is three-dimensional, which resembles a pill. The gradient and glossy blue looks contemporary and evokes a sense of stability and loyalty.

The blue and white color palette of the tums logo represents a reliable and trustworthy brand, which is capable to help people delicately and efficiently.

Tums Logo

The badge is modern and bright and looks good on the packaging, making the brand’s products stand out on the shelve. The oval shape of the emblem symbolizes balance, unity, and friendship, creating a kind feeling.