North Dakota State Bison Logo

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There are around 16 varsity teams in the athletic program of North Dakota State University in the city of Fargo, North Dakota.

Meaning and history

North Dakota State Bison Logo history

1965 – 1972

North Dakota State Bison Logo 1965
Their oldest logo was a silhouette of a bison. It was largely dark green, but with specks of white to emphasize form, volume and other effects. The acronym ‘NDSU’ was displayed in big white letters on the animal’s side.

1972 – 1999

North Dakota State Bison Logo 1972
Whereas the previous logo was a precise enough depiction, a bison in this design was a more cartoonish, exaggerated shape. They painted it standing on its rears, poised to attack with its front legs. The coloring was white, but with elements of green, such as for hairs and rims. The acronym was now plastered along the lower body, in smaller, green letters.

1999 – 2012

North Dakota State Bison Logo 1999

For at least 15 years, the North Dakota State Bison logo has been based on the bison theme. On the 1999 emblem, we can see a brown bison with the black mane. The creature is leaping, and we can clearly notice the vapor leaving his nostrils. The lettering “NDSU” and the name of the school are placed above.

2012 – Today

North Dakota State Bison Logo

On the 2012 version, the bison is by far more abstract. To begin with, there is only the head and the torso. Also, the creature is now given in yellow and green.

North Dakota State Bison Colors

HEX COLOR: #0A5640;
RGB: (0,102,51)
CMYK: (90,34,100,27)

RGB: (255,204,0)
CMYK: (0,23,91,0)