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Belmont University, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee, sponsors over 15 teams playing under the name of the Belmont Bruins. Prior to 1995, the athletic program was known as the Rebels, but this name was dropped due to its historical connotation.

Meaning and history

Belmont Bruins Logo history

The Belmont Bruins, a well-recognized name in collegiate sports, were founded as part of Belmont University, an institution established in 1890 in Nashville, Tennessee. Belmont’s athletic teams have been a significant part of the university’s identity, especially noted for their achievements in basketball. Over the years, the Belmont Bruins have made a notable impact in NCAA Division I sports, particularly gaining acclaim in men’s and women’s basketball.

The main achievements of the Belmont Bruins include their consistent performances in NCAA basketball tournaments. They have repeatedly qualified for the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, showcasing their competitive spirit and skill on the national stage. Their women’s basketball team has also gained recognition, making several appearances in the NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament. These accomplishments highlight the Bruins’ commitment to excellence in athletics, fostering a culture of success and sportsmanship.

Currently, the Belmont Bruins hold a prominent position in collegiate sports. They continue to compete at a high level, drawing attention for their athletic prowess and the development of student-athletes. The university’s commitment to the growth and success of its sports teams ensures that the Belmont Bruins remain a respected and competitive force in NCAA sports.

What is Belmont Bruins?
Belmont Bruins is the athletics division of Belmont University, known for their NCAA Division I sports teams, especially in basketball.

1981 – 2012

Belmont Bruins Logo-1981

Since 1981, the Belmont Bruins logo has featured an aggressive bear with its mouth open. It was not the same bear, though. On the 1981 emblem, the bear is facing slightly to the right, and its mouth is half-open. The eyes are almost closed. The word “Belmont” is placed above, while the word “Bruins” can be seen below.

2003 – Now

Belmont Bruins Logo

On the current emblem featuring a noble shade of red, the bear’s mouth is opened much wider showing the red tongue. The word “Belmont” in red is positioned below, and it is much larger than “Bruins.”


Belmont Bruins

Both the previous and the current Belmont Bruins logo are based on the combination of dark blue and red. Yet, the shades have been altered.

Belmont Bruins basketball

Belmont Bruins emblem

The basketball teams are known for their heated rivalry with those of Lipscomb University, which is also based in Nashville. The Belmont Bruins play their home games at the on-campus Curb Event Center.

Belmont Bruins baseball

Belmont Bruins symbol

While the university’s baseball teams are not among the top intercollegiate teams in the US, they have consistently shown decent results. The team’s home is E. S. Rose Park.

Belmont Bruins Colors

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