Missouri State Bears Logo

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The visual metaphor behind the Missouri State Bears logo is totally apparent. Although the bear can be seen on various sports emblems, the author of this one has managed to make it unique.

Meaning and history

Missouri State Bears Logo history

To begin with, the logo conveys a lot of emotions due to the expression of the creature’s muzzle. The bear has its mouth open, and the sharp fangs can be seen inside. The eyes, as well as the position of the eyebrows, only emphasize the impression of aggression, determination, and fury.

On the older logo, the lettering “SMS” could be seen below the bear. However, the current primary emblem features only the bear’s head, while the lettering has been left the alternative Missouri State Bears logo.

Missouri State Bears baseball

Missouri State Bears baseball logo

The team competed in the College World Series in 2003. It has become the NCAA regional champion on three occasions and has made the NCAA Tournament appearances on 11 occasions.

Missouri State Bears basketball

Missouri State Bears basketball logo

The men’s team of Missouri State University in Springfield has played in the NCAA Tournament Final Four on four occasions (at the Division II level). They have become NCAA Tournament Runner-ups four times and have made ten NCAA Tournament Division II appearances. The women’s team has reached NCAA Tournament Final Four twice and has made 15 NCAA Tournament Appearances.