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The evolution of the Maryland Terrapins logo is the way from a cluttered cartoonish logo to a more minimalistic and sleek one.

Meaning and history

Maryland Terrapins logo history


Maryland Terrapins Logo-1970

Around 50 years ago, the emblem featured a tortoise in red, black, and white. The creature was standing on its rear paws, and his mouth was open. To the right, the letter “M” in white could be seen.


Maryland Terrapins Logo-1997

This logo stayed with the team from 1970 to 1996, when a more professional version appeared. Here, the tortoise was light brown and more stylish. The emotional background of the design was more obvious and sporty.


Maryland Terrapins Logo-2001

While the tortoise remained the same on the 2001 logo, it grew larger because the name of the team disappeared.

2012 – Today

Maryland Terrapins Logo

Eventually, in 2012, only the “M” with an underline remained on the Maryland Terrapins logo.

Maryland Terrapins basketball

Maryland Terrapins basketball logo

The men’s basketball team of the University of Maryland, College Park, is coached by Mark Turgeon. They have made an appearance in the NCAA Tournament on 26 (27) occasions and in the National Invitation Tournament on eight occasions. They became the NCAA Tournament Champions in 2002.

The women’s team became the NCAA Tournament Champions in 2006. They have made 27 NCAA Tournament Appearances.