WTA updates its logo, launching a storytelling campaign

With a number of tournaments canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Women’s Tennis Association has entered the off-season. The organization is using this time to change its look by rolling out a new logo and launching the WTA For The Game campaign.

Presenting its new visual identity, WTA is returning to a player theme. Before the current oval emblem had been introduced in 2010, the organization’s logo represented a black silhouette of a female tennis player hitting a ball. The new WTA insignia, carried out in blue, showcases a player in a serving posture that, according to the association’s press-release, is the only moment in the game when the player has absolute control over the ball, starting the play. In this way, the logo symbolizes audacious initiative and pays tribute to the brave step of that people who founded WTA almost fifty years ago. With the round trail of the racket, it refers to universal character of tennis that unites the athletes into one family.

The wordmark has partially been transferred from the old emblem. Keeping the “ball bar” in the “A” like in the previous version (however, it shares the color with the whole logo now), the “WTA” is a bit sloped to the right and accompanied by the “TOUR” in a straight and lighter typeface.
The new WTA brand identity was unveiled in visual materials featuring Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Ashleigh Barty, Petra Kvitova and other top players of the tour. All of this initiates the WTA For The Game campaign in which the organization will present a series of videos with famous tennis athletes telling their own stories of life in the sport.

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