Lufthansa’s airline brand gets independent, with a new visual identity

Two years ago, Germany’s Lufthansa launched the airline brand Eurowings Discover. Now, the company is going to change its name to Discover Airlines, gaining independence from its parent company, Eurowings. Undergoing a reorganization, the airline has received a new look that parallels Lufthansa’s brand identity.

Discover Airlines is oriented toward private travel and positioned as “a quality leisure airline of the Lufthansa Group”. The company offers short-, medium-, and long-distance flights to popular vacation destinations. In long-distance travel, it competes with Condor, and both airlines operate based on Lufthansa Group’s feeder services.

According to a Discover Airlines press release, the company’s new name comes with a new visual identity that conveys the feeling of high quality. Perfectly suited for an airline, the design is inspired by a view of the skyline, or more precisely, various lines and tints that appear when the blue sky meets the landscape. These “skylines” are the brightest element of the brandmark, including different shades of blue as well as sunny yellow. The overall look is clear and excellent, but first of all, it reflects the brand’s essence: the joy of traveling.

The new logo retains “Discover” with a dot in the same typeface but in different colors. Now, it is placed in the first line, signaling that it’s an independent brand and not a sub-brand as it was before. The company says this element’s typography was saved to keep the brand recognizable. Instead of Eurowings’ burgundy and light blue, the logo is executed in darker shades of blue, complemented with a yellow dot as an accenting feature. Both the dark blue color and the Lufthansa corporate typeface confirm the link between Discover Airlines and its parent group.

The first aircraft painted in a redesigned livery will take off in September. However, it won’t include the word “airlines”. During the coming months, the brand-new design will be seen across more touchpoints, on the fuselages and in the cabins—the seat belts, head restraints, security blankets, and other elements will be adapted to the skyline colors.

Logo, Quelle:

Interestingly, Discover Airlines hasn’t used any icons on the vertical stabilizer before, and the brand has no icon now. The final dot in the logo looks too solitary and generic to create brand individuality by itself, so they invented a different, distinctive graphic design that can really make the brand recognizable even at a distance. Now, the airline’s plane tail is designed in a four-hue blue gradation with a yellow stripe on the top, which creates a clean, friendly, and attractive appearance.

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