Warner Bros. presents a logo for the upcoming Tom & Jerry film

Warner Bros. Pictures is going to release its Tom & Jerry film. While the film’s premiere is scheduled on March 5th 2021, the studio has unveiled a logo presenting this new “movie” step in the life of the beloved cartoon characters.
Next year, the cat and the mouse will be celebrating their 80th anniversary, and over the years, the Tom and Jerry Show has had different logos, but all of them was keeping basic recognizable elements. This time, the new logo, while showing off the cartoony opponents with their customary appearance, is a departure from the traditional Tom and Jerry logo design.

The logotype with its clear and shiny lettering obviously reflects the style of the upcoming film itself. Initially, the movie was conceived as a film like “Alvin and the Chipmunks”, that would be made with the use of the CGI-technolgy. Later, Warner Bros. announced that it would look rather like “Who framed Roger Rabbit”, and the characters would be animated in the 2D-style. So, Tom and Jerry, peeking out the letters, seem to demonstrate the way they burst into the three-dimensional reality.
The massive letters themselves, leaning a bit backwards, point out that such a design was purposely created for the big screen. The letterforms differ from those of the previous iterations in the cartoony style, while fitting more for the contemporary Hollywood filmmaking. The new look of the logo is emphasized by the ampersand replacing the “and” that was handwritten and underlined in some old versions.
As for the film itself, it will start the story from Kayla who works in a hotel where Jerry takes up residence. Afraid that Jerry can spoil a wedding that has to take place in the hotel, Kayla hires Tom to catch the mouse, but something doesn’t go as planned.