SIJHL presents new logo and 20th anniversary emblem

Founded in 2001, the Superior International Junior Hockey League has rolled out its new logo and 20th anniversary emblem. As the league’s previous insignia, the new one unites the patterns of the US and Canada flags as the junior A circuit brings together teams from both countries.

Introducing SIJHL’s new logo, Darrin Nicholas, the league’s commissioner, said that 20-year journey is a good reason to bring some changes into the visual identity of the league. For the rebranding, the league’s management held a competition among local designers and artists associated with SIJHL and the teams. And it was won by Steve Cramsie.

The graphic designer, who cooperates with the Wisconsin Lumberjacks, created a shield-formed crest featuring Canada’s maple leaf and US stars & stripes divided by the wordmark “SIJHL”. This shield is also incorporated into the league’s 20th anniversary logo, depicted against the background of a big number 20 accompanied by a red ribbon with the dates “2001-2021”.

According to Nicholas, Cramsie has done a great job, creating a brand identity that still keeps the league’s heritage and shows where SIJHL is now. Cramsie himself said that he tried to express the professional status of the competition, in keeping with the traditional motifs of the SIJHL symbolism.

In general, SIJHL’s new logo looks more serious, compared to the previous emblem that featured the figured SIJHL abbreviation filled with the flag patterns. The logo’s shield form, bold bordering as well as the dimensional design adds solidness to the look of the league.