Unity: A three-track brand

Founded in Copenhagen in 2004 and relocated to San Francisco in 2007, Unity Software is a video game developer. The company’s best-known product is the game engine Unity that, apart from other things, is used for the games on Facebook. Recently, the gaming brand has changed its visual identity which better reflects the evolution of the company and its products.

Unity Software with a staff of 3800 employees is one of the largest software developing companies. Originally named Over the Edge, it was launched by Icelander David Helgason, Dane Nicholas Francis, and German Joachim Ante. According to the company itself, Unity, based on the programming languages C++ and C#, is the world’s leading platform to create and manage the real-time three-dimensional content. Initially developed for video games, the Unity engine is also used in applications for different industries including movies, TV, and car making.

As Unity Software changed much since its inception, there was a need to refresh its branding. The logo redesign is intended to better express what the company is today, as a Unity press release says.
While Unity’s previous emblem represented a cube in a distorted perspective, the 3D figure in the new version is more geometrically correct with three axes (X, Y, and Z) symbolizing the intersection of the Unity technology, the Unity creators, and the incredible experiences they create together. The wordmark has also been redesigned with a bit of kerning. The initial “U” has been capitalized, making the brand more mature, as the company says.

The visual identity for the product range was revised, based on the new logo architecture. It makes it simpler and easier for millions of users to search and identify the products they need. With this, the improved design and color scheme better help understand the hierarchy of the Unity products and how they are related to each other.

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