Open Systems Inc. changes its name and logo

Headquarted in Shakopee, Minnesota, Open Systems Inc., a software company known for its ERP solutions, has carried out a rebranding and changed its name to Open Systems Adaptable Solutions (OSAS). With the new identity, it is also going to present an updated line-up of software products.


The new name has certainly been backed with a new logo. It features the all-caps sans-serif lettering “OSAS” with the “O” looking like a sphere due to a bit curved stripe. According to a statement released by the company, while unveiling its new brand, OSAS shows an aspiration to continue supporting innovative businesses by providing them with up-to-date ERP solutions. The new logotype represents progress in the industry as well as the technology developed for people.

As Michael Bertini, the OSAS chief executive officer, said, over 30 years under his ownership, the company has kept the same commitment to meet the needs of clients by developing products which help them stay competitive, increase their efficiency and adapt to changing circumstances. And OSAS itself is going to concentrate on adaptability – this is one of the company’s goals for the next year.

OSAS has several divisions across the United States as well as subsidiaries in Australia, China, Singapore, UAE, India and Spain. Its flagman software Traverse facilitates operations in manufacturing, distribution, accounting and retail, providing comprehensive insight into management processes.

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